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Iti punem la dispozitie toate informatiile si uneltele necesare pentru a putea avea o firma operationala in Bulgaria in maxim 7 zile. Detalii professional services

Company in Bulgaria-fast

Choose to register a car in Bulgaria at prices that are even 10 times lower, starting at 400 euros. Details 7 years of experience

Cheap registration of cars

Insurance policy required for your car for 3,6 or 12 months is a few clicks from you of guarantee the best price. Detalii matching the best price

Insurance and GTP - 100% safe

Services in Bulgaria

Our team of licensed professionals: taxation, law, accounting, marketing, will offer various services to start and manage their own business, registration and transport of the car in Bulgaria. Due to the experience we are able, even in the most demanding to implement legal procedures for a short time.

Registering a BG company

Headquarters, share capital, document preparation, document translation, printing, correspondent services.

Car registration

The best solution for the registration of your vehicle in a legal and transparently way at an affordable price.

Bulgarian resident

Our company offers everything needed for obtaining bulgarian documents.

Accounting Bulgaria

Our accounting services, starting from 12.5 euros / month are personalized to the needs of each business and the volume of work.

Insurance policy

Insurance policy required for your car for 3,6 or 12 months is a few clicks from you of guaranteed the best price.

Translation services

We offer translation services from Bulgarian to Romanian and from Romanian to Bulgarian in our office in Rouse.

Consultations in Bulgaria

We offer specialists available for professional consultation in the field of law, taxation and real estate in Bulgaria.

Car Transport

We are specialized and equipped in the field of transport, transport and overseas transport.

Bucuresti-Ruse transfer

We transfer Bucharest - Ruse and a personal representative speaking Romanian, Bulgarian and English.
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